Who is Md. Ismail Ahmed?

Ismail Ahmed

A truly successful entrepreneur always strives to improve himself along with the development of his business. There is no alternative to this as a way to become a successful entrepreneur.

Being a successful entrepreneur is certainly great, but there are no less challenges along the way. And to overcome these challenges, there is no alternative to improving yourself at all times. Most successful entrepreneurs are very enthusiastic and optimistic types of people. Also, they know how important it is to improve their own skills and knowledge in addition to improving the business.

Looking at the best entrepreneurs in the world, they are always trying to learn new knowledge and skills to upgrade themselves. This is the best way to survive the competition and grow the business. Instead of just investing in the business, there is a need to invest in the person running the business. The better the entrepreneur himself, the better his business will be.

I am talking about such a small entrepreneur. Who is running a small startup with his very hard work and talent. Fulfilling people's daily needs as well as leading their business to success.

I was talking about the founder of "Ismail Varieties Store", Md. Ismail Ahmed.

Md. Ismail Ahmed has another organization called "Independent Entrepreneur".

"Independent Entrepreneur" was launched in 2019 by Md. Ismail Ahmed, Abed Sarker and Sakib Rafsan.

"Ismail Varieties Store" is now a famous company in Bangladesh. This institution was launched by Md. Ismail Ahmed in Lakshmipur district in 2018.

Md. Ismail Ahmed is the founder of Ismail Varieties Store and Independent Entrepreneur. He started his company in 2018 and has been known as an businessman ever since. He is from Bangladesh He lives in Lakshmipur town of Chittagong division.

He graduated from North Char Kadira Government Primary School in 2013, Udayan Adarsh ​​High School in 2017 and Lakshmipur Government College 2021.

His father is Nur Mohammad A businessman and his mother Nur Jahan Begum is a housewife.